Two Truths & a Lie

This game is called Two Truths & a Lie. If you’ve never played it, this is how it works: Each person makes three statements. Two of the statements are true; one is a lie. The challenge for the other players is to determine which one is a lie. Clicking on the statements in the groupings below will tell you whether it is a Truth or a Lie. You may award yourself d20 points for each Lie that you can identify before clicking on any statements. You may award d8 points for identifying a Lie on the second click. You may award yourself d-zero points for correctly identifying the Lie on the third click. (If you still can’t identify the Lie after the third click, take away d20 points and then hit yourself in the head with your dice.)

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If you have achieved a score of 40 or more, then congratulations! You have earned the Creepy Stalker Fan award! You may click the link below to download it. Be forewarned, though, if you try to claim the Creepy Stalker Fan award without successfully earning it, your computer will delete itself. I’m not talking about the hard drive, I’m talking about the whole computer. You’ll be left staring at a power cable plugged into nothing, so don’t try it! Also, I’ll send Vengeance Unicorns to come wreak havoc in your underwear drawer!


I’m a Creepy Stalker Fan!


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