Website Redesigned!

Well, finally, the school year is drawing to a close, and summer is heating up. In perfect time for kicking off summer, my website has just launched the redesign done by Let me tell you, it looks amazing!

It’s mostly in the same layout as before, and, so far, with mostly the same content, but the look, wow, you just have to see it. I think you’ll be very pleased with how easy it is to navigate around now.

Oh, but don’t think there’s nothing new under the DavidJace sun… we’ve put in some really fun little “easter eggs” and extra stuff, with more coming as we settle in. For instance, keep your eye out for this guy.

He’s our new mascot. Talk about a blend of fantasy and science fiction! Watch for him around the site, because you’ll never know where he’ll show up, or what he’ll be doing. Some of the things that might happen around the site are small, but fun, others are very new and I hope surprising.

Check out the new site at and let me know what you think! Is there anything missing? Anything you wish was there? (And of course, if you happen to run into anything that doesn’t work, do let me know, so we can get it fixed.)

When you’re done checking out my new site, surf over to to see what else she’s capable of, and let her know what a great job she did on!

The Site is being redesigned!

Hi, we’re remodeling! Sorry things are blank right now, but when you come back, it’ll be AWESOME!


Unless you leave and come right back, then it might not be awesome just yet… but it will be, I promise!

Socially Networked

Sometime earlier this year, I created a Facebook account for David Jace, with a Facebook Page for my work & writing persona. That has been going fairly well. I have about 63 “Likes” on the page, and not all of them are friends or family! If you’ve been reading this blog on the blogger page, you may have noticed the Facebook badge on the side of the page.

Last week, I read this post from Bookends, LLC comparing the relative effectiveness of Twitter vs Facebook. She basically asserted that your fans will find you on Facebook; your Twitter will find you fans.

I have previously blogged about what I think of Twitter. I’m still not in love with the concept, but I decided to give it a try. So, a few days ago, I created a Twitter account under @DavidJace and began tweeting. I followed perhaps a dozen other authors, services, friends. After just a couple of days, I have 5 people following me. Only one of these people do I even know. This, to me, is wonderful. So far, Twitter is making a good show if itself for me. On the other hand, one of the authors I am following tweets quite often, some of which are intriguing concepts, and some are updates regarding his work/appearances. I also, however, know what time he went to bed Friday night, and that he took his dogs for a walk in a thunderstorm.

Also, I updated the website With Facebook and Twitter widgets. There are Like and Follow buttons at the top of the main page, and a widget and a badge at the bottom.

I wait to see where this social networking experiment takes me.

A Writer… in theory

I’m supposed to be a writer, but I haven’t posted much about writing, either the craft or any actual writings. Part of that has been the press of work this year; my “free” time has been quite limited, and usually stolen in secret. It occurred to me this past week, however, that as a writer, my blog should have some writing in it. Since fiction comes easier than reality anyway, at least for me, I have decided that I want to have more writing on the blog. So, you can now look forward to reading some writings here. Some may be extra stories from novels that won’t appear in the actual work, such as character backgrounds, cut chapters, or extra scenes. Others will be random short pieces that were just something I felt like playing with that week. I do hope you enjoy them, and as always, I welcome commentary!

Miracle Johnson sighed and slumped lower in her desk. She wrinkled her nose as her knee encountered someone’s long forgotten chewing gum. It may actually be hers from first semester, she realized, and chose to ignore it. She curled a lock of purple hair around her finger. It wasn’t all purple. Most of it was jet black. The right side had streaks of purple; the left had streaks of bright green.

Her eyes flicked up as the teacher called her name. He wanted an answer to something on the board. He had erased most of the board and started over since she last was paying attention. She shrugged and waited for him to give up hope on getting an answer from her. Eventually, he moved on.

She fingered the edge of the old textbook. Every page had some sort of doodle or writing on it. She’d checked. She’d found a few that had escaped notice, but she’d fixed those herself. The cover of the text was faded and scarred, but even if it had been new, it would have been boring. The children smiling up from the hard cover looked foolish. One of them now sported horns. The other two had blacked out teeth and goatees.

Miracle looked out the window near her desk. Outside looked so much nicer than in this dusty, old, boring classroom. A dungeon would look nicer than this classroom. At least more interesting, anyway, she thought. The wall clock clicked as the teacher continued to ramble on. There was a stain high on the wall above the chalkboard. She often fantasized that it was a bloodstain. That some student had finally had enough and decided to end class early. A flicker of a smile crossed her face. Maybe this guy was actually a zombie. That might even make him halfway cool.

“Remember, everyone, test tomorrow on levitation.” The class groaned as expected; Miracle didn’t waste her breath. “Also, your projects on magical jinxes are due on Friday.”

She sighed again. She hadn’t even started hers yet. Why did she have to suffer these boring classes when the real world was just right outside?


This week’s is a short post, but a very happy one: Derek Daniels is BACK!! There is a new Nanite Chaser story posted on the website! This is the first one in months, due to various life obstacles. It’s called Susan’s Book Club, and yes it was one of the ones I was working on during NaNoWriMo.