Elven Fire for the Beginner GM

TheBeginnerGMElven Fire for the Beginner GM is not an alternate manual. Instead, it is a guide for inexperienced GMs of Elven Fire (or if you’ve never even heard of RPG games before!). ‘The Beginner GM’ includes an introduction to the special challenges of being a GM (in addition to being a player) and then walks the reader through three ‘arcs’ (storylines) of labyrinths. Each labyrinth is five rooms, which is a several-hours night of gameplay. Each labyrinth includes step-by-step instructions for the GM, specific battle statistics for every creature or opponent, and occasional tips and tricks for the GM.

You’ll still need the manual to make your characters, and you’ll want the manual for all of the other great information there. This is by no means a replacement for the manual. However, playing a starting group through all three arcs of The Beginner GM will bring that starter, no-nothing group of rag-tag adventurers all the way to the threshold of the Intermediate level.

Adventurers Wanted

Congratulations on passing your final exams at Elven Fire Adventurers’ School. Now time to find some action. Like any good student, you head for the local tavern. Outside the tavern is a bulletin board where people can post requests for help. It’s the perfect place to start your adventuring career.

Who bought the farm?

Who bought the farm?


The Goblin Mob


Stolen Family Property


Recalling Honor


In Mortal Peril

. . . ✍ . . .

Storm of Thieves

Word has gotten around that you are a group of up-and-coming adventurers that can get things done. Half of the stories say most of what you vanquish is a plate of food and a tankard of ale, but a reputation has to start somewhere, right? A messenger finds you at the local tavern and requests your presence at the home of the Nobleman Prospero. He tells you that his greatest treasure has been stolen, and he begs you to help return it to him.


To Catch a Thief


The Frosty North


The Southern Heat


The Dusty West


The Eastern Edge

. . . ✍ . . .

The Nuptial Arc

The Royal Family is the talk of the moment. After much negotiation, curious delays, and a fast engagement, the Prince is finally getting married. Naturally, they want everything to be as royally perfect as possible. The King calls you in for some assistance.


Clear the Hall


Clear the Hall Again!


Two Rings to Bind the Twain


Rescue the Princess


Wedding Bouncers

. . . ✍ . . .


. . . ✍ . . .

If you don’t have a copy of the official Elven Fire manual by George F. Rice, you’re going to want it!


All map images created through the use of the Hexographer program, available at hexographer.com.

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