Jeff looked around his room as the image downloaded. The dim blue light flickered across the pictures, posters, and drawings in the room. The flickering light made Sylvie look alive again. It made Jennifer look older than her 14 years, more like her mother. But he liked best what it did to the drawings and posters. It made the fur look more tangible, almost touchable. Made the faces look so real, in a way that wasn’t possible, though he wished it could be. “Download Complete.”

Jeff turned back to the screen and scrolled down admiring the drawing. Her dark hair flowed around the cat ears and down her back. She was turned half away from him, looking back over her shoulder at him, her green eyes looking into his blue ones through half closed lids. Her tail curved back around in front of her.

It was well done, not toony at all, very realistic. The curves and the fur, the human and the cat, all joined together artistically, making her real, making her seductive. Though he knew she was a tease. That however much she looked longingly at him, no matter what she showed or told him, she would not come to him, or ever satisfy him fully.

He sighed and clicked back to the index page, scrolling down for more drawings.

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