NaNoWriMo 2013

Jace ripped off the Tie of Conformity and shrugged off the Jacket of Expectations. Ripping a sleeve from his Shirt of Experience, he tied it around his suddenly shaggy hair that had a moment before been movie-hero perfect. Slipping a switchblade-pen into the back pocket of his ripped jeans, he stepped out of the warmth of the Conventional Wrimos Camp and into the chilled wind of the Rebellion.

Yes, this year, David Jace becomes a Wrimo Rebel. Instead of starting a new work and sprinting to the 50 thousand word goal, he’ll be striving to finish Hero Games┬áby the end of November.


The current word count on the novel is 34,000, but I’m going to only count the words above that. That said, while 50k is the “supposed” goal, I’m rebelling against that; my goal is to finish it. That’s when I’ll call myself a winner… in a rebellious tone of voice.


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