David Jace's Poetry

Death's Date

He lifted his bony fingers to the knock, / And sounded the toll of Death. / He’d been through the scene time and again, / But would try again with Beth.

How Dare You?

How dare you dare to love me? / I desire non-existence. / You give me nothing but life. / As I wallow in sadness, / You distract my mind with happiness.

The Loving of Knowledge

The Book sat coyly upon the shelf, / As though I wasn’t even there, / Leering at it, imagining what was under the covers. / Picturing myself spreading her virgin bindings.

Diamonds on My Lampshade

There are diamonds on my lampshade. / Whoever thought of doing such a ridiculous thing? / “Let’s hang some rocks on the light” he must have said.

Man Arrested for Stealing Bridge

Maybe it was an inside job, / But really, who steals a bridge? / How do you fence something like that?