Diamonds on My Lampshade

There are diamonds on my lampshade.
Whoever thought of doing such a ridiculous thing?
“Let’s hang some rocks on the light” he must have said.
I imagine he nailed chips of granite to his pillow, too.
I expect I’ll next see a lady in a topaz and opal dress walking the runways of Paris.
Not the color, the stone.
I’m sure you’ll tell me that these jewels are
Pretty and thus why they have acquired value in
Decorations. That’s wonderful. Stars are pretty, too.
But then of what good would the lamp be,
If the shade were lined with stars? And the gentleman
In the hardware store would likely look
At me rather oddly when I ask for a million-watt bulb.
Eyes are also pretty. Prettier most of them than
Most stones. My eyes are a diamond blue,
And my love’s are emerald.
Not the color, the stone.

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