How Dare You?

How dare you dare to love me?
I desire non-existence.
You give me nothing but life.
As I wallow in sadness,
You distract my mind with happiness.
My apathy, the one bolstering savior
Of a life to tired to live on,
Is usurped by the ecstasy you provide me with.
Perhaps, in time, I shall enjoy living.
Can you truly replace my sad,apathetic existence
With a happy, ecstatic life?
Will it last?
If I give you a word,
Will you give it meaning?
If I make a game,
Will you make the rules?
If I hand you, in a handbasket,
A shattered, empty husk, once a body,
Will you breathe life, love, emotion,
Even almighty passion into it?
I didn’t think so.
Looking back, maybe I was wrong.

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