Man Arrested for Stealing Bridge

Maybe it was an inside job,
But really, who steals a bridge?
How do you fence something like that?
I can hear the guy you’re trying to sell it to now,
“Golden Gate? I got 20 of those stashed in back.
Bring me a Brooklyn or a Washington, then we’re talkin’.”
Do you think he acted alone?
Just picked it up and walked off with it?
Or maybe it was a highly planned criminal element.
The local crime boss gets word from the syndicate.
“Send some of your boys to take the Del Marva.
It’s time they learned some respect. Leave a message.”
So he calls Guido, Antonio, and Joey.
“It’s time to take down the bridge, boys. Take care of it.”
And what do you do as a policeman when you get called
To investigate a missing bridge? Put up signs?
Bridge missing since Thursday. If found, please
Return to 335 Oak St. Reward Avail.
Please, his family loves him.
What about a ransom note?
Dear New York, deliver 5 million in
Unmarked bills at midnight,
Or you’ll never see New Jersey again.

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