About David Jace

David Jace originally comes from the US east coast, where legends of pirates were local folklore. As a child, he won the local liars' contest for multiple years. He eventually made his way to Texas, where folklore had a very different tone. After more than a decade as an English and theater teacher for middle and high school, the pandemic brought him home, and that's where he stayed. Turning back to his story-telling roots, he resumed writing writing science fiction and fantasy. He took a novel-writing online course, and was then accepted into graduate school for creative writing.

David now lives in Texas with his brilliant wife, inspiring children, and two cats. When he opens his laptop, his larger cat, Felix, promptly leaps onto his chest or arms to cuddle. When he isn’t writing around a ball of fur and claws, he enjoys playing virtual reality games with his children and doing projects with his wife. He has been juggling for over half his life, learned to walk on stilts while teaching theatre, and was only able to fool his children with simple coin magic for a few years.

He not only enjoys playing with words in English, but also studies French and Esperanto. He believes it is possible that all forms of energy (light, electricity, gravity, etc) are merely different intensities and applications of the same force. He also believes magic used to exist, along with all the mythical creatures, but there was an unrecorded natural disaster that eliminated it all.